Ruth Ann on the Radio! 11/6/2019

  Ruth Ann Bowe, Broker associate at Village Properties joins Guy Rivera on his radio show Mortgage Matters. In this episode Guy and Ruth Ann discuss what they have been experiencing in our market, current rates, upcoming events, and much … Read More

Ruth Ann on the Radio! 9/26/19

  Ruth Ann Bowe, Broker Associate at Village Properties Santa Barbara, once again joins Guy Rivera on his radio show Mortgage Matters on Guy Rivera KZSB 1290. This  latest edition features a lively discussion of the Santa Barbara real estate … Read More

Pre-Marketing 101

Pre-Marketing 101 Most people who have prepared a home for sale will tell you there’s a lot involved in getting it ready to hit the market. Depending on the situation, sellers may (or may not) take care of minor or even … Read More

How to Deal with Competing Offers

Scenario: You find your dream home. In a perfect world, you’re the only buyer putting in an offer on it– no suspense, no competition, just a happy ending! All too often though, it doesn’t work out that way. With the … Read More

Staging for Success!

Staging for Success! Buying or selling a home is often an emotional process, but at the end of the day the bottom line is just that. While you are packing up your belongings, your Realtor will be carefully analyzing the market to suggest a … Read More

Can I Really Buy That House?

A Classic Real Estate Love Story: John and Marie fell in love with the little white picket fenced home built in 1929! They could see themselves sipping coffee on the front porch on Sunday mornings, saying hello to the neighbors … Read More

Home Design Shifts for 2018!

Home Design Shifts for 2018! If your DVR is full of HGTV programming, you are not alone! Home design can be more than a weekend hobby, it can be a downright obsession! Whether you’re an investor or a nester, if you’e … Read More

Wildfires & Santa Barbara Real Estate

Wildfires & Santa Barbara Real Estate Even in a place as accustomed to wildfires as Southern California, this latest Thomas Fire has been exceptional… Our thoughts  go out to those directly affected by it. Even if not directly affected, many are wondering if and how … Read More

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