Buyer and Seller Reviews

“Dear Ruth Ann – If ever there is a hero in my life, it is you. You stuck with me through thick and thin and held me up when I was down. Your intellectual guidance was only overshadowed by your emotional guidance. All was truly appreciated. In all of my years of meeting professional women I know only a handful who radiate the fine balance of: intelligence, strength and warmth. You have joined this group- With all my heart, Thank you!”

Seller – Maxx Duffy


“Ruth Ann took great care in presenting my home. She came highly recommended to me from a commercial real estate broker associate I know. She is great with all detail and follow through. I would recommend her as a listing agent. I also have asked her to find me another home to purchase. This was a very professional and pleasant experience! Highly recommend!!!”

Seller – Jimi Brazil


“Ruth Ann is great. She helped my husband and I purchase our home. She was very helpful, knowledgeable and very, very patient with us. I have recommended her to all our friends and family. Thank you Ruth Ann for all you did for us so very happy with our new home!!”

Buyer – Enedina Carillo


“Ruth Ann is fantastic. She helped me and my family purchase our first home. She was extremely attentive and knowledgeable. She helped us locate the perfect home for our multi-generational family. Ruth Ann is creative, solves problems, and made the purchase of our home an effortless and exciting experience. As well as being a great realtor, she is fun and personable. I have and will continue to recommend Ruth Ann to my friends and clients. She is my number one choice. Thank you Ruth Ann!

Buyer – Sally Reagan


“Dear Ruth Ann,

THANK YOU for finding the right Buyer and guiding me through the Seller decisions with the clarity and the security of knowing that “we did finalize the best deal possible.”

THANK YOU for my sense of, “I am in professional and caring Hands.”

THANK YOU for finding the vendors to clear, clean, paint and make the property presentable for prospective buyers.

THANK YOU for walking me through every form and contract. Your grasp of the material was so clear, that I could sign without any confusion or doubts.

THANK YOU for making the Sale happen so quickly — as you streamlined all situations, unforeseen issues, and all the buyers’ requests.

THANK YOU for closing the deal in such a professional, informative, qualified, proficient and comfortable manner.

You are the BEST at what you do! You were recommended by someone whom I trust — and you fulfilled that trust “above and beyond.”

Seller – Rachel (Ruchie) Stillman


“Ruth Ann Bowe found me my dream house! Her patience, understanding and perseverance were outstanding. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the Santa Barbara Area.”

Buyer – Sasha Ablitt


“Ruth Ann provided us with above and beyond service. elizabeth millar with her smiling babyAs first time home buyers, everything was new to us – Ruth Ann took time to make sure we understood the entire process and was always available to take our calls or meet with us when we had questions. She also referred us to a terrific loan officer and tax adviser that made the entire process even easier. The service Ruth Ann provides cannot be matched, and to top it off, she is extremely fun to work with. Thanks for everything!”

Buyer and Seller – Alan and Elizabeth Millar


“Ruth Ann Bowe is an amazing Realtor. She made our first time home buying experience wonderful. We were only looking for homes in the city of Carpinteria and had a restricted price range. Ruth Ann was able to show us numerous homes that we were pleased enough with to make offers on. She is friendly, personable and knowledgeable in her field. We recommend her to all prospective home buyers! Thank you again for everything!”

Buyer x2 and Seller – Matt and Jake Stockton


“Ruth Ann, We appreciate everything you have done for us in finding ‘our home’ in Carp! YPicture of mark and diane zorick smilingou were there at every turn to answer questions, show us homes and keep us informed of everything going on and we can’t thank you enough! Thank you!!”

Buyer – Mark and Diane Zorick


“Ms. Bowe served us as a realtor in the sale of our mobile home in Goleta during March and April 2011. Mary Ellen and I are both impressed with the high quality of service she provided us throughout every phase of the Transaction. We both have physical incapacities and lack knowledge of real estate procedures with which she was able to provide us the help we needed time and again. She repeatedly demonstrated her knowledge and skill in arranging for the disposal of items in our home. We are pleased that she arranged for needy people to receive some of the items.

Often, we would run into questions, which we did not know how to answer. She was readily able to step in and take care of such things for us. It has been a definite emotional relief to us to have such a competent and caring person helping us out. Her help to us has been of the highest quality and we are both very grateful to her and appreciative of her.”

Seller – Tom and Mary Ellen Brigante


“I know a good thing when I see it. sandy nash smallRuth Ann represented me on the sale of my long time home on the Mesa. Not only did she help me handle the emotional side of selling my home, she was able to get $89,000 over the appraised value! By using her great marketing skills, the property sold in record time while other houses sat on the market for months.
When I was ready to buy again, there was no question Ruth Ann would be my agent and she outdid herself again. She suggested a property I never would have thought of and helped me get a great deal on it. After we closed, she stayed involved and helped me get everything settled. Whether you’re planning to sell or buy, Ruth Ann is really your best choice.”

Buyer x2 and Seller – Sandra Nash


“Ruth Ann helped me buy a new town home in Santa Barbara. The transaction became extremely complicated by City Regulations. Not only did she support me with kid gloves, she persisted all the way to City Hall. this was a move for me to a new town and I felt that I had a team on my side wrapped up in one honest, hardworking and elegantly persistent agent. I would recommend that anyone use Ruth Ann to represent them through this process that is one of the most important transactions that one can go through.”



 “Ruth Ann Bowe found me my dream house! Her patience, understanding and perseverance were outstanding. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the Santa Barbara Area.”



“About five months ago I closed and moved into my new condo. Ruth Ann was great during the entire process. She is high integrity, always professional, and really knows the market . There were definitely some bumps in the road, but Ruth Ann and her team helped me to navigate them as smoothly as possible. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy a house or condo.”

Buyer – Mikki Reilly


Throughout two years of searching for just the right house, and despite a long, specific list of home buyer “must haves”— Ruth Ann was eminently patient and professional. Ruth Ann has a remarkable to hear a buyer’s requirements and to promptly identify potential properties. The search ended with a call saying “I have found your house, get here ASAP.” Forty-eight hours later, an offer and acceptance; and 30 days later a move-in. Now happily settled in the most charming house and neighborhood, looking forward to being long time Carp residents. Note to all future Santa Barbara County home buyers: call Ruth Ann to find your perfect home!

Buyer – May Osher


“Ruth Ann basically did the whole process on her own in getting my wife and I our first beautiful home in Goleta. She was on the ball with everything, even putting pressure on the banks to get their stuff done on time. Not only that, but she is extremely friendly and helpful. She builds a great relationship with you, and truly knows what you are looking for. I will be recommending her to anyone I know that even has the slightest thought on purchasing a home.”

Buyer – S. Nguyen

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